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Golden Milk

This is a very soothing and non-inflammatory beverage, good any time, but especially nice for cool autumn evenings.

Our granddaughter had a very sore throat, possibly strep, several weeks ago, and she swears two cups of this drink for two days healed her throat. She's still drinking it because she likes it, and I took up the habit myself. :)


2 cups dairy milk, coconut milk, soy milk or unsweetened almond milk (I prefer almond milk)

1 (1-inch) piece turmeric, peeled, thinly sliced or grated, or 1/2 t. dried turmeric

1 (1/2-inch) piece ginger, peeled, thinly sliced or grated

generous pinch freshly ground black pepper

1 Tablespoon raw, unfiltered honey, or to taste

1 Tablespoon virgin coconut oil or ghee

Ground cinnamon for serving, optional


Whisk milk, turmeric, ginger and pepper in a small saucepan; bring to a low boil.

Reduce heat and simmer until flavors have melded, about 10 minutes.

Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into mugs.

Add coconut oil or ghee.

When it has cooled to drinking temperature, stir in honey.

Sprinkle with ground cinnamon, if using.

Do Ahead
Golden milk can be made 5 days ahead.

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Warm before serving.

Cooks' Note
Using fresh turmeric adds a clean, bright flavor to this drink, but dried turmeric can be substituted when fresh is not available.

Keep in mind that dried turmeric will settle to the bottom of the mug, so stir well before drinking.

Do not omit the pepper. It enhances the absorption of curcumin in the turmeric by up to 2000%.

Makes 2 cups

Raw honey has anti-viral and antibacterial properties, but if you object to honey, real maple syrup or even stevia may be used instead.

Turmeric is a great healer because of the curcumin in it. However, it causes the gallbladder to squeeze, so for those who have gallstones, it might cause a problem.