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Re: I freeze Christmas cookies all the

Posted By: mjj
Date: Tuesday, 24 October 2006, at 8:20 am

In Response To: I freeze Christmas cookies all the (GourmetGal)

My kids call me the freezer queen lol
Here is some of the hints on freezing..The big tip in freezing is PLASTIC at the Dollar type store!!!
for Bread it takes double wrap...I take a half of a loaf wrap it in plastic wrap and back into a bread wrapper and into the freezer..Let it completely thaw before opening..

Hot dog buns.Hamburger Buns..Donuts..Biscuits or any of this type food Wrap individually in plastic wrap put them back into their bag or a zip lock bag and freeze (this also helps to get the number out that you want to use and let thaw..pop the rest back into the freezer..

For fruit pies I make the filling...put it in a zip lock then into the pit tin freeze it in the tin..remove it from the pie tin and stack them up..when getting ready to make the pie..put remove the plastic bag put them in the unbaked shell top as you like and bake. I also make big batch of pie dough 10 shells..make them into balls the size for pie pop them into a qt. size zip lock bag smash them flat stack them and use them thaw and roll out to the size you need.

I freeze my shredded cheese..or block cheese (this is for using in cooking only..) it will be crumbly but works fine in any cooked dish or for topping.

I make my dressing ahead and freeze it then bake it the day I want to serve it..a tip to chop celery, onions..saute them in butter bag them freeze them in separate bags..thaw and add to the dressing when you are making it if you are not making and freezing the dressing ahead of will never have a crunchy under cooked onion or celery..

In season I clean and dice bell peppers and put them on a jelly roll pan...freeze and bag...just grab a hand full and use in any cooked dish..(Veg.soup etc)(I do onions and celery the same way) sure saves time when making any dish that calls for them.

We are just two now so tons of casseroles I make and bake half and freeze the other half..I like to use square layer cake pans for this..again plastic wrap down tight on the ingredients then wrap in foil and freeze..usually just remove all the wrappings and pop into the oven and bake (add some time for it is frozen)

hope you can use some of these and will help you...

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