Beaver Lodges :rectnt *PIC*

Beaver Lodges

No one says you can't have fun serving a simple dinner for kids...what's more, sometimes a silly idea makes the meal. There is no 'cooking' in this recipe, only putting things together to make a replica of the Beaver Lodge we saw a week ago at the IMAX theater in the movie Beavers.
4 sirloin beef patties
1 can french-style green beans
french fried potatoes (4 servings)
2 cans gravy (for dipping the fries)
Grill the sirloin patties, heat the beans, fry or bake the french fries and warm up the gravy.
Place 1 sirloin patty in the center of a dinner plate.
Put 1/4 of the green beans on top of the beef patty.
Spread the fries over the patty and beans and build a Beaver Dam with fries to the edge of the plate.
Fill one side of the plate/Dam with gravy.
Serve with a smile.

Recipe by oz. Serves 4 happy children.
Beavers (the patty is for their tail) take branches into their lodge and eat the leaves (green beans). Their lodge is made of trees and branches that they cut down using their teeth. A beaver can cut down over 200 trees per year. Beavers 'couples' work together to build their dam and lodge and are the only creature other than man that creates their own environment...and they do it by damming up streams (of gravy!) to flood the earth and forever change it.


Beaver Lodges :rectnt *PIC*
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