FYI: Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints

Posted By: kaelieanne Date: Friday, 24 August 2001, at 12:38 p.m.

~Keep your car doors from freezing shut with Pam Cooking Spray.
~ A splash of Listerine mouthwash makes a pimple DISAPPEAR.
~ A few drops of bleach makes a vase of cut flowers stay beautiful indefinitely.
~ A little baking soda and vinegar, followed by hot water, will BLAST open the most stubbornly clogged drains.
~ A dab of peanut butter is all you need to remove bubble gum from a child's hair.
~ A glob of Crisco will heal dry, chapped hands like fancy lotions.
~ A smidgen of cooking oil eliminates pesky ear mites on your cat.
~ A rinse of tea cools and soothes sunburn pain, so you're pain-free in no time.
~ Stop the bleeding from a razor nick with ChapStick.
~ Cool off a fiery mouth from hot peppers or "pizza burn" with a squirt of whipped cream.
~ A used sheet of fabric softener wipes up sawdust like a magnet.
~ Remove tar from your car with Miracle Whip.
~Prevent tools from rusting by putting a piece of chalk in the toolbox to absorb moisture.
~Soak a rag in carbonated soda to loosen a rusted bolt. Wrap around a bolt. Loose in minutes!
~Take an old pair of panty hose and use to strain lumps from paint.
~Clean paint from hands with Coopertone.
~Repair an auto scratch by finding a matching crayon and using on scratch.
~Stop leaks in the car radiator with black pepper. Just shake into radiator.
~ Avoid losing small parts when fixing an appliance. Tape a strip of Scotch tape, adhesive side up on your worktable. Place the parts on the tape in the order you remove them, so they are ready to be reassembled.
~To keep grease off hands while fixing car, coat hands lightly with Alberto V05 hairdressing. At the end of the day, wash in soap and water. They're as clean as when you start. The V05 acts like a pair of protective gloves. Works when you paint too! Hands and nails stay soft and clean.
~ Stop grass in walkway crevices with salt.
~ For flower stems too short for a vase- insert flower stems into straws and cut to whatever length you need.
~Water ferns and other houseplants once a week with tepid weak-brewed Lipton tea. Spectatular results! I've seen the man in the Chinese Restaurant do this every time I'm there.
~Clean tree sap from hands with cooking oil.
~ Kill flying insect pests with hair spray. One spritz does it without danger to your health or the environment.
~Deodorize smelly hands with a tiny bit of toothpaste. Gets rid of fishy smell
.~Clean up pet accidents with baking soda and club soda.
~Use Pam cooking spray to speed up a sled. Lubricate bicycle chains. Free up roller skate wheels. Make a sliding board more slippery with wax paper.
~Fingerpaint- Simply spray shaving cream on a vinyl tablecloth. Sprinkle in food coloring.
~ Bird feeder from empty toilet paper rolls. Make a bird feeder from an empty cardboard tube (from a used roll of toilet paper or paper towels). Roll the tube in honey, then in parakeet seed. Hang outdoors. Songbirds will flock to your property.
~ Use birdseed instead of rice to throw at weddings. The bird seed swells up in the stomach of the birds and they die a painful death.
~Wash off rust from tools with lemon juice and salt.
~ Make fried chicken "golden" brown with yellow food coloring added to the oil.
~Get burned food off dishes and pots and pans by soaking in water and a piece of fabric softener. Soak overnight.
~Prevent car doors from freezing shut by spraying with Pam cooking spray.
~Squirt shaving cream and wipe to prevent fog on bathroom mirrors. Lasts 2-3 weeks. Works for ski goggles and scuba masks too.
~Make your Christmas tree last longer by adding pancake syrup to water reservoir in stand. Needles stay moist, green and non-flammable for the entire holiday.
~No more "ring around the collar". A tiny squirt of Clairol shampoo makes it disapper.
~Clean your toilet with Efferdent. Plunk in a couple of tablets. Watch the grime "fizz" away. No scrubbing.
~Prevent lint on your clothes. Throw an old pair of panty hose in the dryer with your wet clothes. Works like a magnet.
~To clean mirrors, use coffee filters instead of newspapers. Doesn't leave any lint behind.
~To make glasses sparkle and silverware shine, add a tiny bit of bleach to the diswasher.
~Clean brass and cooper with a mixture of flour, salt, vinegar. No rubbing. Brush it on and rinse clean.
~Keep silver tarnish free with Alberto V05 hairdressing. This prevents it in the first place with a think coat of the V05. Apply after you've polished the silver. Wipe off excess. This leaves behind a thin, invisible protective coating. The ingredients are 100% natural, safe and without taste. Works for candlesticks, picture frames, silver sets and other decorative items.
~To keep prescription labels clean and legible, paint them with clearnnail pollisy. They'll stay wterproof too.
~Paper cuts - Krazy Blue shirt circuits pain by depriving nerve endings of air.
~Diaper Rash - Use Crisco after washing and drying.
~Airplane ear popping - Put a hot paper towel in a Dixie cup and hold it over your ear. It works immediately, normalizing the presure in the inner ear.
~Soften fingernails with hot oil treatment of Coppertone lotion.
~Deodorize your feet by soaking them in Lipton tea. The tannins will halt the odor.
~Dry nail polish instantly. Spray with Pam cooking spray.
~Soothe tired eyes with Lipton tea bags.
~Shampoo your hair with Tang to cut sebum oil in hair. It is the citric acid that does it.
~Dab lemon juice on pimples. They will dry up fast.
~Use Milk of Magnesia as a facial. It dries fast and when washed off makes the face feel tigher, pink and radiant, not oily.
~Tenderize meat in tea. The tannin in the tea softens the toughest meat.
~To unstick bowls and glasses stuck together, put a drop of Coppertone lotion on them and they will easily separate.
~Washer tip - Renew the worn dial on a washer or other appliance. Rub the knob with red or black crayon until the indentations and numbers are filled with colored wax. Wipe off excess.



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