FYI: Cleaning Concoctions

Secret cleaning concoctions
I HATE HOUSEWORK! Anyone have great cleaning tricks or shortcuts

I found a long time ago that the best cleaning solution on the market was the "purple stuff" you get at the automotive shop. Of course now they officially call it purple cleaner I think. But diluted or not, it can take the place of every cleaning product you have, including washing detergent. I get mine at Auto Zone. I introduced it to a friend of mine, and they use it for cleaning their boat too. And it's only about $5.00 or $6.00. Also, bleach is great too. Especially for the kitchen. Sometimes I combine the purple stuff with the bleach.

Don't throw away used dryer sheets. They make good cleaning cloths for shining the faucets and fixtures.

Dryer sheets can also be used for dusting. They will actually repel the dust from coming back.

You probably already know this, but to put on a duvet cover easily turn it inside out, put your hands inside and find the corners, grab the corners of the duvet, hold up and shake the cover down over the duvet. Saves loads of time and swearing!!!!

I pour half gallon of Clorox in holding tank of toilet...about every 2-3 weeks. I never have to scrub toilet. Unless I'm not thinking right this morning ,doesn't the bleach all drain out the 1st time you flush? yeah it would. But I think it would kill all the bacteria and other nasties that make you need to scrub in the first place. Still, I've never tried it, and I couldn't because of our septic system.

I put the bottom sheet back on bed wet from washer..goes on easier and dries in a few hours. Then I finish making up bed.

Windex cleans anything and everything. Great for carpet spots...better than Resolve and much cheaper.

Also money favorite is peach pump soap dispensers.

Scrub Free cleans everything without scrubbing- especially the bathroom. For spots on the carpet I spray on Resolve carpet cleaner and use my black and decker cordless scrubber, it works like magic. Resolve will also take stains off of bedspreads, car seats etc. If you rub a little Old English Oil on your shower doors, they will not build up soap scum.(You have to get them clean first with something like Scrub Free. I never use mops. I read this in a speedcleaning book a long time ago, Use old towels and wet one half, using your feet, scuff the floor with the wet half, with the dry half dragging behind. The floor gets mopped and dried at the same time and gets cleaner than when you mop!

Don't throw away used dryer sheets. They make good cleaning cloths for shining the faucets and fixtures.and dusting the front of the TV screen this is web site will give you "uses" for bounce (dryer sheets) and coke!

Cheap hair spray works great on ink....clothes, counter tops etc.

I also use used fabric sheets for baked on casserole dishes. Just throw one into the hot water you soak it in and it'll clean up slick as a whistle!

The little chlorine tablets that you drop in pools to clear the water work great in your toilet tank too. they last longer than say 2000 flushes ect... and at the end of summer you can get them dirt cheap on clearance at the wal-mart or any place that sells pool supplies.

Sorry to post a bad result to this message, but I tried this a few years ago( my own idea) and it was in my toilet box just one day and the fumes from the tablet almost asphyxiated my family.We had been gone that day and upon returning, when we walked in the house our eyes burned to the point of not being able to keep them open..Coughing, and not being able to breathe. Can't understand why it would work for you.Thank goodness the smell of chlorine tipped me off as to what was causing it.Made everyone leave the house until I took the tablet out and opened up doors and windows,til it had disapated.I do not advise this. Also,ammonia (In urine) and chlorine (Bleach) are toxic.and combustive. Stupid me, I knew that too, from another experience when I first got married and added ammonia to my washing machine water with bleach, boom! water went everywhere:but I never put 1 and 1 together this time Duh!please think this one over,I wish I had!>>>>>>> sorry Hoosier,I just felt my experience should be shared.

be careful putting anything in the tank. All these things, including the stuff sold for this use wear out the guts of the toilet. A plumber's daughter.

eterry has a point, especially for people like me that have septic systems - bleach will kill the "function" of the septic. Cannot believe how clueless some people can be - like using Drano with septic.

As for a cleaning tip I vacuum everything first - and I mean everything, floors,furniture,window ledges, book shelves, piano keys, TVs - you name it - take no prisioners and then go back to polish. Dust is my enemy and attacks my lungs and this method helps. J

While we are on the subject, there was this really great degreeser/cleaner that I found at Price Club before the merging with Costco called Breeze. Does anyone know what I am talking about or if it can be found anywhere (I bought in Tucson). J

I use a mixture of 1/3 ammonia, 1/3 liquid dish soap, and 1/3 water, for hard to clean areas. From bathroom to stove. Cheap and clean !

I love Simple Green. It is concentrated so a little goes a long way. I put it in a spray bottle and clean everything with it. It is more environmentally friendly that most of what is out there too, and no noxious fumes. Home Depot has stuff in a pink can called Gel Gloss. It is awesome for fiberglass and cultured marble.

My number 1 tip for those with a dishwasher is to use white vinegar instead of dishwasher soap. I just dump some in (about a cup) and close it up and wash. Everything comes out sparkling clean with NO soap scum. Try it at least once. Really cheap.

Want to know my secret for streak free windows and mirrors.....I learned this from a guy who use to work at a carwash. Use plain old water (I use bottled) on a white cotton cloth (t-shirt) and dry with a white cotton cloth (t-shirt). How easy is this and it REALLY works!!!!!

storing cottage cheese,yogurt, ricotta,and opened tomato paste in the fridgeup-side down in a container will prolong the shelf life.Also read that a pinch of salt in a gal. of milk will keep it longer. Haven't used the salt trick, but the others work fine.

Hydrogen peroxide to remove blood. Let it sit and foam for a bit then rinse. If it still doesn't remove it add a little oxy clean and somemore hydrogen peroxide and let it soak. Should take the stain away.

Having a bad back, I cannot 'mop' my floors. But also don't like them dirty. So, I spray a cleaner (like spray and mop, or 409 for stubborn stains) and then 'scootch' my feet on a towel across the floor. It gets it clean and dry at the same time. especially great if you have company coming over and don't have time for the floor to dry with regular mopping.

Every morning before school, my 2 older children chose a bathroom and take a clorox wipe and wipe down the counter and use a swiffer to do the bathroom floor. Take about 5 mins. or less!

I have a bottle of windex and a roll of paper towels in each bathroom. The rule in our family is that each time you go into a bathroom, you must clean something before you come out. Examples might be wiping down the mirror or edge around the shower or doorknob, or the counter if it needs it, cleaning the back of the toilet (I do the inside of the toilet - feel guilty asking the kids to).

A wonderful way to clean windows is to make a cleaner of 1 cup of water to 1 tbsp. corn starch, dissolve the cornstarch and dampen a rag and aply over the whole window, then take a clean towel and rub off. This not only leaves the sparkling clean, but it seems to retard dirt. I've only needed to wipe our big window where the cat sits to enjoy watching the big world outside. It has been about a year since I've done the rest of the windows. One point, just like anyother cleaner, don't clean while the sun is hitting them. This is super during the cold months.

a great budget D.I.Y. clothes washing detergent is to get 4 velvet soaps and disolve them in a bucket of warm water (it takes about 4 days to disolve and it is best to get your hands in a couple of times a day and squish the soap) use the same amount you would normally use in each wash and a bucket last about 1 month washing twice a day.

Actually this is more of a 'tidy' tip rather than a cleaning tip...when my 3 children were quite young we had a rule that we did not leave the house until it was picked up. Legos back in the Lego trunk, dolls in their cradles, papers and markers away, etc. Really nice to come home to a tidy home, plus made cleaning much easier as the messes did not accumulate!



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