FYI: Tips on Cleaning the Bathroom

Homeowners Toolbox:

Bath Tubs/Showers and Sinks: For built up hard water stains in your toilet or any porcelain surface, use a pumice stone. It won't scratch the porcelain and it works great in a sink for tough stains. Tracy Diaz, California

For those really stubborn bathtub stains/rings use carburetor cleaner. You can buy it from any Auto Parts store (and Wal-mart) for a few bucks and it saves a lot of time. Just spray it on (be sure your bathroom fan is on or a window is open for ventilation) and wipe off immediately. Repeat if first application isn't 100% successful. Jessica Evans, VA

Use any shampoo on a wet cloth and wipe the tub or sink clean. Do not use shampoo with conditioner added. Diane Ball, MO

For soap scum in the tub or shower, I've found that "Greased Lightening" works wonders! It can be bought at Lowe's or Wal-Mart. Just spray on, leave set for about 10 min., then wipe off with a sponge or rag. This is a wonderful cleaner for other areas of the house too!Heather R., OH

To remove soap scum from tub use Mr. Clean Vanishing sponge with Dawn dishwashing liquid and you don't scrub just wipe across and its unbelievable you haft to see it for yourself. Jaime Mitchell, MO

A used dryer sheet is good for cleaning your bathroom sink and tub. Just get it wet and clean away. It also leaves a nice shine. It also takes away that ring around the tub! Tyronza Long, LA & Linda Brown, MI

For bath tubs simply use oven-cleaning spray. Leave it on for about 10 minutes. Be sure to use the oven spray that is unscented and be sure to ventilate the room while cleaning (the fumes are toxic.) RB, Arkansas

Bathtub ring that will not come off with bathtub cleaners will easily come off with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, these will clean almost anything with little effort. Amanda Miller, KY

For soap scum in your bath tub use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! It really does work! Denessa Bell, TN

To remove soap scum from shower doors and bathtubs, use a mixture of baby shampoo and water in a spray bottle. A fine mist trigger works best. One capful of shampoo per bottle and fill rest with water. Being in the window tinting business, this is used to clean glass prior to tint application. It works really well on mirrors that may have buildup. Betty Dudley, LA

When your shower is dry spray furniture polish then wipe. It reduces the built up on soap scum. Denessa Bell, TN

The scrubby gloves that you find in the health and beauty department are great for cleaning the shower (just make sure you use a different set for bathing!) Kimberly Udy, GA

After cleaning your tub and shower walls, apply a coat of car wax to keep mineral deposits from hard water along with the soap scum from accumulating on the surface. This will make is easier for your next cleaning. Be sure to you have rubber slip protectors as the tub will be very slick. Trish Charles, KY

To remove the scum ring around the inside of your tub, wet the sides and bottom of the tub,sprinkle comet and spray with scrubbing bubbles,let it stand 5-10 minutes and wipe off! Stephanie Claborn, TX

Due to the fact that I have a bad back, I have come up with a painless way to clean my tubs and shower walls easily . I simply use a wrung out mop. I first spray well with bleach household cleaner (or my own bleach solution), I then do the walls and tub. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe up with a clean wrung out mop. This is easier and saves my back! Annie Powell, NC

Bathroom Caddy: Hang a shoe bag with pockets in it on the bathroom door to drop brushes, blow dryers, curling irons, extra soap, shampoo, etc. in. make pockets for each household member. Deborah Claxton

Counters: To have extra sparkle on the bathroom counters. Rub Turtle Wax on and buff off. Water will not leave spots either. Apply twice a year for best results. Julie Welch, KY

Extra Shine: Windex makes your bathtub, faucets, and sink shine after cleaning them. Just spray it on and wipe off with a soft towel or paper towel for a beautiful shine. Corrina, TX

Faucets: To make your faucets look brand new. Get a tube of V-05 hair oil and rub it on the faucets with a towel. Then buff to a perfect shine. Allison, IO

Glass: After you clean the glass, spray regular Pledge on and buff lightly. The water rolls right off and you don't have to clean the glass as often. Robbi, WA

Hair Spray: Use warm pure white vinegar to clean hair spray off your bathroom floor. Mary Ann Booms

Metal: Put shaving cream on faucets and other metal items in your bathroom and you will be delighted with the shine. Jean Cox, MC

To make chrome faucets (or any chrome fixture) really sparkle and shine wipe them down with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Suzanne Tindall, MO

Mildew/Mold: Mix two tablespoons of dish detergent and one pint of bleach in a spray bottle. Spray it on the area in question and the mold or mildew will disappear and not come back for a while. It can also be sprayed on tubs, showers when camping, and on the north side of the house where the green mold likes to grow from not enough sunlight. Jeanne, VA

Mirrors: Spray a small amount of shaving cream on mirrors and wipe off with a paper towel. This will keep mirrors from steaming up for approximately 4-6 weeks. Carol Hurst, KY

For streak free mirrors, clean them with clear rubbing alcohol. Use an old cotton tee shirt to wipe the mirror clean. Z. Bunch, SC

Rust Rings: If you get orange water spots on your tubs or sinks don't spend tons of money on CLR or other iron and rust removers that don't work well. Just grab your tube of toothpaste. Make sure you use the paste kind and not the gel. I have found that the cheap "grainy white kind" works best. Simply wet the area a little bit then squeeze a generous amount of paste over the area and rub it in, then use an old tooth brush to brush away the stain. For stubborn stains, add more paste and some baking soda, then let it soak in for about five minutes then scrub it off. Louise Caldwell, KY

Shower Curtain: To clean soap scum off your shower curtain liner, wash it in vinegar using a couple of towels. Then hang to dry. Tyronza Long, LA

To clean mildew off your shower curtain, use baking soda on a damp cloth or brush. Marsha Doyle

To clean mold from shower curtain liner, remove and soak in tub with water and bleach for a few minutes. Rinse in clear water and re hang to dry. This method cleans the curtain instantly and disinfects at the same time! Shirley Bost, IL

Put your shower curtain with a little bleach and warm water in your bathtub while cleaning the rest of the bathroom by the time you're done it's done too. Just hang it back up and use the bleach water to clean your tub. B Herron, MS

To remove mildew and water stains from your plastic shower curtain, put in your washing machine, on hot, and add 1 cup of bleach, when done hang outside to dry! Not only do you get the water stains off, you have killed any germs in the process! Nancy, KY

Shower Doors: After cleaning glass shower doors or tile I coat them with Lemon Oil furniture polish. This makes them shine like new. It will also remove any soap scum left on glass as well as soap scum left on tile or metal in the shower or bath. Rebecca S., TX

Try using liquid cascade dish soap. Pour the liquid all over your glass shower doors and then scrub the glass with a paper towel or cloth. Do not rinse with water until you have cleaned the whole door. Also replace the paper towels after 3 or 4 scrubs then rinse with and pat dry. You will have the cleanest shower doors in the world. Andrea, MA

To get hard water deposits off of plastic (the shower stall door or plastic containers) use liquid fabric softener. The cheaper the better. Misti Petermann, OK

Spray on "Avon's - Skin So soft" with soft towel or paper towel... Leaves doors sparkling and bathroom smelling great. Elizabeth, LA

To prevent hard water stains on shower doors, spray with WD-40 after cleaning. Julie Breuer, TX

Soap Scum: Mix together white vinegar and lemon juice. Spray down your bathtub, and then sprinkle it with baking soda. Scrub the soap scum and other stains away! April H., VA

Tiles: After cleaning soap residue from your tiles, rub them down with RainX. The RainX helps to repel the soap scum for a longer period of time and you will be cleaning those tiles a lot less often.
April Morasco, AL

Tile Grout: Never have to clean mildew again! Seal your tile grout. SurfaceGard Penetrating Sealer can be found at Home Depot and it is guaranteed to last for 20 years! It's easy to apply too! Just paint it on with a sponge brush. It's invisible and it works. Carol, CA

Toilet Bowl: Use denture tablets to take care of those rings inside toilet. Just drop two tablets into toilet bowl and it will leave your toilet fresh and clean. Chanelle

Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let it sit for about one hour. Then flush it clean.
The citric acid in Coke removes stains. Michelle, AR

Do you have a nasty ring around your toilet. Clean it with a pumice rock. Marla Pina, CA

Put two tablets of Alka Selzer in the toilet once a week to help keep it clean. This really works. Bobbie Boccali

Windows: Wash inside panes one way (vertical) and the outside panes the opposite (horizontal.) That way you know which side isn't clean or has streaks. Moni W

Mix cornstarch and water together in a bowl and wipe on windows with a cloth. Take a clean, dry cloth and wipe the window clear. This will remove dirty film from your windows and they will be crystal clear. Debra Lofton

The easiest and quickest way to get sparkling windows, at approx $1.00 a gallon is your auto windshield washer solution. Spray it on and wipe with paper towel. Cheap, easy and clean! Greta Wilkins
To make your windows really shine, after cleaning them rub them down with crumpled newspaper. Lindy Burr, Scotland, UK


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