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Spaghetti Sandwich
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This is more of an idea than a really does work best with leftover spaghetti. I often cheat and use the frozen garlic bread from the freezer.

Garlic bread (fresh or frozen)
Leftover spaghetti
Butter for pan (or spray for panini press)
Optional: mealoaf, meatballs, eggplant, mozarrella, basil leaves, see note below.

Place the opened garlic bread (defrosted if necessary) under the broiler.
You just want to "crisp" up the inside.
Then warm up the leftover spaghetti and pack ONE cup in between the garlic bread.
Secure with toothpicks if desired.
Then toast in a Panini press or in a lightly buttered cast iron skillet, with another skillet piled on top for weight, for 2-3 minutes.
Note: Here is where the fun part comes in.
For a heartier meal and for my vegetarian friends, I sometimes add a slice of Mozarella cheese and a thinly sliced piece of grilled eggplant with the skin removed or a thinly sliced grilled portabella mushroom, before toasting.
And for my meat eating friends, I'll add a thin slice of leftover (warmed) meatloaf or sliced meatballs.
(I think the meatloaf holds up better, personally.)
And add a few pieces of fresh basil to the sandwich.

Posted by Jen in CO
We used to serve this at the restaurant in California as a large appetizer and we used a partially hollowed out loaf of french bread, spread with olive oil and roasted garlic and lightly toasted, then we'd layer in the spaghetti, sliced meatloaf, wilted spinach and cheese, wrap it in twine and bake it at 425F for 5-7 minutes. Then we'd bring it to the table and slice it. The key with the french bread is to slightly hollow out the loaf, so the pasta sits inside it and to wrap the loaf with twine or tightly in foil to keep it together. I prefer the twine, as I like the loaf to get crusty. And this is also a great picnic recipe, but be sure to use it within a few hours though as the bread will get soggy from the pasta sauce after too long.

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