Melting Snowman Cookies *LINK*

This is more a decorating plan than a recipe. The original cookie "recipe" was taken from All-Recipes and then decorated to be Melting Snowmen. Great. That means there is nothing special about the dough other than it be large enough to support the theme. Use any good Sugar Cookie recipe you desire...You could also use refrigerated Cookie Dough from the supermarket.

Make irregular "puddle" shaped cookies by patting out by hand your dough.
Once baked and cooled, frost with white royal icing being sure to allow the "melting snowman" to run over some edges.
Put one marshmallow for each cookie on a greased (shortening) plate in the microwave and heat until the marshmallows start getting larger.
Be careful not to over cook the may want to practice with one at a time until you get it right.
Using greased (shortening) fingers, pick up each marshmallow and push it down on one of the cookies to be the Snowman's melting head.
Once in place decorate the Snowmen with colored icing and/or small candies.
Allow Melting Snowmen to rest for a few minutes before forcing them to pose for their obligatory pictures.
Here is a link to a site that has step-by-step photos.

:thanks to Cali for finding this site and idea for us!


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