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leonid meteor showers :thup *LINK*
The Chew Foolproof Mini cheesecakes *LINK*
I saw something online - Put squares of crescent rolls in ng for new Thanksgiving ideas
sure send a link
Re: Here's the link I saw for them. They look good. *NM* *LINK*
When I was shopping the other day I found
Re: OT; I see it's been changed now, :thanks *NM*
:thup it just took me a while to find it :ohyeah
A relish tray, maybe? Assortments of pickles, olives,
I was given recipes for dinner group this Sat.
Re:jea, this year we are invited to a seafood based meal
You will have to report after T-giving! *NM*
OOoooh! Ooooh! I've got this one! *LINK*
Re: OOoooh! Ooooh! I've got this one!
:thup *NM*
:rectnt Orange Quinoa Salad :oed
:recins Sweet Pumpkin Empanadas *LINK*
Re: corrected link for empanadas *NM* *LINK*
:rectnt Pumpkin Dip :oed
We love this, serve it...
Re: That's how we serve it with gingersnaps. Yummy! *NM*
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