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Kitchen Roundtable

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:fw :flag :j4j4 *PIC*
:fw Happy July 4th! :fw *NM*
Can't say I blame him, haha *NM*
fireworks effects *LINK*
I won't remember the names, but I like all of them,
I always thought that the ones that are called
Re: I always thought that the ones that are called
I can see where you get reminiscent about the booms, GG,
My kids have always loved the fireworks too. When we worked on concessions as jea mentioned above,
penumbral lunar eclipse *LINK*
Re: penumbral lunar eclipse *NM* *LINK*
weather was good enough for me to see it! *NM*
:ohyeah *NM*
Thank you! i knew her name was an abbreviation of "Northwoods", but didn't think to mention that.
brown bear cam *NM* *LINK*
:rectnt Beef Kabobs with corn and Orzo Salad
:rectnt Shrimp Tostada Bites :oed
I want some of this bread! *NM* *LINK*
Me too! *NM*
Now that you mention the name I remember her too.
I think I found her under the name that was posted
Mine was from Alpine Village, closed long ago. They are very similar. *NM*
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