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did you know? *LINK*
Re: did you know?
Re: did you know?
I freeze bread, too. *NM*
:rectnt Super Easy Streak-Free Window Cleaner :oed
Thanks! I'm going to try this. We have French doors that the sun gets on late afternoon and then
Slop them up, that's funny! And yeah, the sun can really
Ummmm, I don't think so... *LINK*
Sorry, that would be $13. *NM*
Ever been mislead by a food label?
The ones that get us are "no sugar added" or "sugar free."
Yes, it's challenging for diabetics. Even some of the artificial
PatM, this is for you. And for anyone else who might be interested in making sauerkraut... *LINK*
Wow, that's a lot about sauerkraut! *NM*
I'll say! She seems to go into just about everything
Anyone make sauerkraut or any other fermented foods?
My experiences have all been failures...
Oh, Pat, I do hope you try it again!! Canned sauerkraut has been heated *LINK*
A video showing how to use the Pickle Pusher-- *LINK*
Oh, and by the way, I guess you already know not to use tap water
I've copied and saved your notes, and looked at the video and Wildbrine links...
Canning/pickling salt is just fine, as it has nothing added
:thup *NM*
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