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Does anyone have a fabic steamer machine? I am thinking of getting one and would like any feedback.
I have a steamer with several attachments, one of which is for fabric,
I don't have one, but I think my DD got one
These are just sheers and easy enough to wash
Cathy, what model/brand is that? I like that it can be used to
:lmao cathyntx
Nancy, I may end up doing just that anyway! I took them down to do Spring Cleaning. They
peeps fans? *LINK*
Thanks for this. I do like Peeps and will look for the new flavors -
We usually have an evening
Mom used to buy them for me occasionally.
Macaroni Coleslaw posted by LuAnn is another good salad *LINK*
:rectnt Napa Cabbage Salad :oed
In the fifth line under the instructions, there is a punctuation mistake.
Re: In the fifth line under the instructions, there is a punctuation mistake.
And we all thank you, Nancy! *NM*
:thanks *NM*
:rectnt Southern Black-Eyed Peas :oed
How do you serve them, with what?
:ohyeah yum Cathyntx!
Ha, I should have read your response first, Nancyo! *NM*
Last night, I made them to go with meatloaf. Usually
Thank you. I made these once when I lived in the South for a year. There was a call-in radio show
I got off the track a bit! :lol I meant to say that that is how I got a recipe for Black-Eyed Peas
Hope you like it, GG, we do. *NM*
We call it snow ice cream here.
Well, I have NOW! But it took a Southerner to enlighten me. On the other hand, when I was a kid,
We caught it falling, too, but it's a lot better
I'll have to try to find that notebook to see if I can find the recipe! *NM*
No hurry, but if you find it, the specs should be interesting.
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