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The Perseids: Why Itís The Best Meteor Shower of the Year *LINK*
I might try to catch a glimpse--love shooting "stars". *NM*
OT: Anyone with diabetic neuropathy might want to check out Benfotiamine.
:thanks for all you share! :thup
Thank you, nancyo. :smile I'm always looking for answers and like to help people if possible. *NM*
Thank you for sharing the link to this very important video, Cathy!
Our bodily requirements are very low, but there aren't than many
Yes, she takes subligual and the form you recommended. *NM*
Great, hope that works! *NM*
Re: Our bodily requirements are very low, but there aren't than many
Great idea for normal people, a bit too sweet for diabetics, though. Thanks! *NM*
OT: Reversing the damage from diabetes *LINK*
I'm looking forward to watching this in its entirety. It appears in the first few minutes
Yes, Dr. Berg is very helpful and a good presenter.
Avocado prices
Aldi here has them for 59 cents this week. :thup *NM*
Wonderful price! The last time I went to get some, they were $2 each .. and SMALL! :( *NM*
Black Moon? *LINK*
I didn't know that, either. *NM*
Keto Diets
Re: Keto Diets
This is a good general summary of foods which will be included and excluded, Cathy. A couple more
I've seen plant=based modifications, too.
Re: I buy them and wrap them in newspaper then put in crisper drawer.
OT: Berkey water filter systems--anyone have one or know someone who does?
Well, I bought one. I'm pretty sure their claims are wildly
I hope it works out for you. :smile *NM*
:thanks Pat *NM*
Good plan
My daughter and her husband who are very health-conscious have had and use a Berkey water
It's a nice system, but I wouldn't trust it on questionable
that's good news! *NM*
Re: that's good news!
Re: that's good news!
Cooking Vegetables: When Should You Boil The Water? *LINK*
Good info, which my mother taught me. Wish she'd taught me steaming, though.
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