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Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day: What’s the Difference? *LINK*
I certainly didn't know the difference.
12 Things You Never Knew About Memorial Day *LINK*
Interesting! *NM*
8 Things Veterans Want You to Know About Memorial Day *LINK*
Thanks for that, nancyo, :oed most things I did not know. *NM*
:rectnt Blueberry Yogurt Bread :oed
:hbday Cathyntx hb2u
Awwww, thanks, nancyo! Yes, it was really nice. :thup *NM*
I just bought the individual larger one of roasted red pepper hummus. Excellent! *NM*
^^^ Um, this was supposed to be in response to one of Val's posts about Aldi. *NM*
OT: If you like live webcams and are interested in animals and other
OT: About Aldi again, I tried the Colby cheese and voila, it's identical to Kroger, where I make a
Re: I have tried many of their block cheeses
Good to know, Nancy K. I'll have to try more of their cheeses now that I know
OT: Facebook for Seniors--you may have already seen this, but since I'm not on Facebook
:thup! :rofl *NM*
grin *NM*
Probably my favorite "ethinic" food, Val! *NM*
Leftover stuffed shells for me and leftover Singapore Mei Fun for DH. I am trying to get into the
That's why I cut recipes wayyyyyy down these days.
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