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:rectnt Apple Slaw with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
Link to that recipe here *LINK*
:rectnt Primavera Stuffed Chicken
I don't have a link to that and didn't find it briefly, could you elaborate? *NM*
Re: It's Listed under Darlene's Kitchen Pantry in KRT's Link List above *NM* *LINK*
Thanks, Val, looks yummy! *NM*
another blue moon!! *LINK*
Crock Pot cooking advice needed
My friend cooks hers in the ...
Re: My friend cooks hers in the ...
The crock pot cooking went great
:thup *NM*
So glad it worked out!
Jea, here is a Link to How to cook a ham in a crockpot *LINK*
China’s Space Station May Crash to Earth on April Fools’ Day *LINK*
Interesting! *NM*
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