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Bone In Chicken Breast Recipe *LINK* *PIC*
OT: I knew something my daughter didn't understand
That is tooooo funny, jea!!!!!!!! :lol *NM*
:thup *NM*
too funny! :lmao *NM*
OT: 3 Doctors Debate the Best Way to Eat *NM* *LINK*
OT: If you or someone you love or know is diabetic, *LINK*
wow :thanks *NM*
You're welcome, nancyo. *NM*
Re: Thanks for the link! *LINK* *PIC*
To Marge: DH's former diet was Nutrisystem, not Atkins.
total solar eclipse! *LINK*
We won't see it, though. :( Maybe next time. *NM*
Cathy, wasn't he on a Jenny Craig diet a while ago? *NM*
Well, hello Marge! Long time no see! He did Atkins before. *NM*
Re: I have also kept it out when I have a stick of it.
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