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OT: Alkaline battery leakage, damaged electronics.
Thanks for this tip!
You're welcome, Pat. *NM*
OT: Ceiling fan direction, summer and winter
Thanks, Cathy, I've saved this to my computer ...
:thup *NM*
Re: OT: Ceiling fan direction, summer and winter
I must have forgotten, too, 'cause ours is still in winter mode from last year. lol *NM*
Thanks for this. We never knew about it at all! Probably because we really only use it in summer.
:ohyeah *NM*
Notice to Members: I want you all to know that we have decided to
Re: :thanks
Plus, my DH had to do a lot of work to be able to run the board.
What a pleasant surprise!
:hooray This board is still one of my daily stops *NM*
Thank you GG and your DH
y'all are the BEST! thank you for keeping this going!
Re: Thank you
It's always good to see you pop in, Nancy K!
I am so happy to see this, GG! Many, many thanks to you and your DH!
:recins Spanish Bar
Thank You for the suggestions LuAnn. *NM*
Re: :rectnt Morning Glory Muffins are in the Archives
Good suggestion, Val! It's nice to see you! I love Morning Glory muffins. *NM*
:hi LuAnn
You're welcome! *NM*
:rectnt Apple Crunch Muffins :oed
I was a day late in getting it up, Cathy; but, it's there now. Life is very busy these days! *NM*
Thanks, LuAnn. It looks really good.
Sounds like you're doing low carb. *NM*
Good guess. lol *NM*
:rectnt Brothy Pasta with Chickpeas :oed
Here's a photo of the Brothy Pasta with Chickpeas *PIC*
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