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e-bay store
I have tried garage sales and never seem to make enough money
I've done a lot of what you suggest
Link to Kim Komando article *LINK*
Thanks for article.
Have you tried a local consignment shop?
Don't have a local shop.
laundry question
I have not tried them, but several manufacturers make detergent with a
I have started using color guard detergents
Re: laundry question
:rectnt Brine for meat :oed
:rectnt Easy Chicken Fajita Marinade :oed
Nancyo, :thanks for discussing brining some time ago.
:thup my pleasure - I brine my turkey
Cathy, could you give more details...
Well, let me think. I roasted one whole chicken that was brined, and it was delicious.
:thanks !
Chicken is well done at 160 degrees F. Good luck, Pat! *NM*
:recrev Amarillo Squash Casserole posted by LuAnn *LINK*
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