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I had a very nice birthday with a great start, thanks to
Sorry I'm a few days late seeing this, Cathy!!
Thank you! *NM*
:hbday Cathy! I hope you are able to have a special day! *NM*
Thanks a bunch! *NM*
:hbsta cathyntx :hbcake
:prty1 Hope you have a great day! *NM*
Thanks a bunch! *NM*
Thanks so much! *NM*
Re: :hbsta cathyntx :hbcake
Thank you! *NM*
YUM! Thank you, nancyo! *NM*
YUM is right - :thup *NM*
elephant and rhino *LINK*
It is! *NM*
top virtual attraction to visit in every state *NM* *LINK*
:rectnt Low Carb Italian Cream Cake :oed
Wow! Thank you, Cathy!
You're welcome! *NM*
Thank you. When I am able to get out and get
Don't hold me to it, but I think you can feel free to eat it
Jesu, Joy of Manís Desiring *LINK*
Pretty music. I've never seen that instrument before. *NM*
Me either. I was going to ask if anyone knows what it is called. I recently read
Nice rendition *NM*
That was pretty!The sound and manner in which the music was made reminded me of a music box! *NM*
:iagree *NM*
It's a kalimba...and now
:lol *NM*
Re: It's a kalimba...and now *LINK*
Thanks for adding the title, nancyo. :thup *NM*
my pleasure *NM*
furniture and tables *NM* *LINK*
Hmmmm, very different. *NM*
Those are some VERY innovative designs! *NM*
emerald - wow *NM* *LINK*
The guy has awesome talent! *NM*
rare, glowing multi-shell Nebula *LINK*
Too cool! *NM*
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