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Looking for new Thanksgiving ideas
jea, wish I could help, but nothing new here. frown *NM*
Re: Looking for new Thanksgiving ideas
I am at a loss this year. Want to take something
Re: Since you're thinking cute and crackers
Good ideas! Might use the cones for the
:rectnt Pumpkin Dip :oed
:recins Sweet Pumpkin Empanadas *LINK*
Re: corrected link for empanadas *NM* *LINK*
:rectnt Orange Quinoa Salad :oed
Re:jea, this year we are invited to a seafood based meal
OT; I see a change needs to be made *LINK*
I made lots and lots of these for a wedding rehearsal dinner several years ago to serve with fruit
They are a tedious pain to fry, but the grandchildren like them that way. *NM*
All this BEAN DIP talk, Cathy and Nancyo... I still really like Frito-Lay's bean dip (but don't
I made a recipe last week, but since I cooked my own pintos, I think
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