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Dr. Mike on Coronavirus-- *LINK*
Cricket powder as a source of protein. Sells in bags on Amazon. *LINK*
don't forget to "spring forward"!
Re: don't forget to "spring forward"!
I did promise not to mention the "s" word, so I'll mention
:thup sounds like you are having fun! *NM*
Until today. I spent a couple hours skinning a quart of cocktail onions.
did you know? *LINK*
Re: did you know?
Re: did you know?
I freeze bread, too. *NM*
:rectnt Super Easy Streak-Free Window Cleaner :oed
Thanks! I'm going to try this. We have French doors that the sun gets on late afternoon and then
Slop them up, that's funny! And yeah, the sun can really
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