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Thank you so much, Marge, Cathy and Nancy!
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It was a very quiet day...much more low-key than last year, which was my 60th. I did go out and pick up a couple of tops on sale at Kohl's in the evening. Happy Birthday to myself! LOL Leilani is planning to take me out to a favorite restaurant on her day off later this week and Walter and I will have a combined celebration for my birthday and our anniversary in mid-July when he comes back for a brief visit. Hard to believe he's been living several hours away for FOUR YEARS, this July! I miss coming here and "seeing" you all more frequently. Life has been super busy and super challenging for awhile. It's nice to drop by once in awhile - a special treat! Thanks again for the greetings.

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Happy Birthday LuAnn, hope you have a fun day.
:hbday LuAnn! *NM*
:hbday LuAnn *PIC*
Thank you so much, Marge, Cathy and Nancy!