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I saw a container at a grocery store (and have seen this before, but decided to give this a try now, First, before making the recipe I posted to make sure I Liked it.
It's called Little Salad Bar Hummus Quartet that included * Classic Hummus, * Roasted Red Pepper, Cilantro Jalapeno and * Roasted Garlic.
The * items are what I liked best.

BTW, if you spread a thin layer carefully onto those Ritz crackers on the back, flat side, it holds up pretty good.
I'm really getting into Hummus, I alMost had a whole sleeve of the crackers with the 3 * kinds of Hummus. :ohmy watch out, Yummy! :thup

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:rectnt A Hummus Appetizer, that I turned into a Sandwich :oed
Sounds good, Val. So, did you make regular hummus or
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