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Anyone shop at Aldi? What are your favorite things there?

Mine are:
Produce--it's almost always good, but sometimes not so much. They have avocados for 39 cents on a fairly regular basis, and they're good. BTW, I almost never try to buy a ripe avocado any more. I have better luck buying green ones and letting them ripen on the countertop. I bought some really good watermelons there last year. I'm not sure whether it was Aldi or the fact that I read how to choose good watermelons, but I was only slightly disappointed just once (and I sort of figured I would be at the time I purchased it, but I couldn't find any others that passed inspection). I was really very happy several times, though.

Meat--Chicken tenderloins and Simply Nature Organic 100% Grass Fed Ground Beef.

Cottage cheese--better than Braum's (to me)

Almond milk--much cheaper than Walmart

Dakota's Pride baked beans--cheaper and better than Bush's. Matter of fact, if they were the same price, I would still choose Dakota's over Bush's.

Clancy's corn chips--taste exactly like Fritos and are 85 cents as opposed to 2.99, same size bag. They only come in the original small chips, though, no larger scoop-type sizes or spirals or chili flavors, etc.

Mama Cozzi's pizzas--I usually despise any and all "take & bake" pizzas from the grocery, and I just knew when I bought the 3 meat pizza that day several weeks ago, I would be disappointed. But I wasn't! It was either wonderful, or I was just hungry at the time. The chicken, bacon, ranch is really good, too. The supreme was better than any other "take & bake" I've ever tried from a grocery. It didn't blow me away, but it was still better than any other pizza I've tried from a grocery store (Walmart's Marketside pizzas are horrible (to me). Aldi crusts bake up really crispy, which is a requirement for DH, and the seasonings and flavors are very good. I haven't yet tried the pepperoni or the BBQ.

Mayo--their Burman's brand is very, very close to Hellmann's. I think the only difference might be a slight variance in the texture, not so much the taste. I still buy Hellmann's, though, because I'm picky that way, but for anyone who isn't as stubborn as I am, Burman's would work just fine.

Saltines--I'm not a fan of saltines at all, almost never eat them, but DH does, with soup and tuna salads and such. I picked up a package of their Daily Basics brand one day, and when I tried one, I decided I could like saltines. Yummy! Too bad, because the next time I shopped, they had decided to discontinue them in favor of the Savoritz label saltines they also carry. So, never mind, LOL.

Savoritz cheese baked crackers--a knock-off of Cheez-Its. They don't seem to be quite as salty and greasy (probably a good thing) or quite as cheesy as the name brand, but they're pretty good (to me). If you're a Cheez-It snob like I'm a Hellmann's mayo snob, though, you might not be entirely satisfied.

Items that didn't work for me:
Condensed tomato soup--the flavor isn't there

Pickles--not sure which kind I tried, but I didn't like them.

Buttery round crackers that are supposed to resemble Ritz (I assume). They tasted more like Town House, which I don't like. Maybe they're supposed to be like Town House after all. In that case, they pretty much nailed it.

Jarred pesto--but I've never like jarred pesto anyway. I wasn't expecting much, so I wasn't that disappointed. Fresh is just best.

Swiss cheese--I think this was my fault. I hurriedly picked up a package of Swiss cheese one day (I think now it was individual slices), and I didn't care for it. After inspecting the package, it said it was processed Swiss (think American cheese slices, individually wrapped). I'm reserving my opinion of their actual cheeses until I go back and really read the labels next time to be certain I'm getting real cheese.

I can't help much with very many canned goods, as I don't usually buy canned food (baked beans is one of the exceptions).

Aldi is extremely convenient for me, being just a couple of blocks away, less than a mile. I don't mind picking up a previously untried item or two for a couple of bucks to see it it's good or not. Walmart is about the same distance away, so I can get what we need at the lowest price.

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Anyone shop at Aldi? What are your favorite things there?
Re: Anyone shop at Aldi? What are your favorite things there?
I just bought the individual larger one of roasted red pepper hummus. Excellent! *NM*
^^^ Um, this was supposed to be in response to one of Val's posts about Aldi. *NM*
Thanks for the recommendations!
Good information--Thanks for the input, Val and Pat. I won't compromise
Re: Anyone shop at Aldi? What are your favorite things there?
Thanks, Nancy K. I liked their yogurt. The cream cheese didn't