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Not any new recipe tonight.

But I have plans for Saturday (new recipe), if it works out. I'm hoping to have cheese enchiladas w/chili gravy on top (never made these before and not sure if DH will like it), sour cream chicken enchiladas (new method for the chicken seasoning), refried beans and rice (already in the freezer from last time, yay!). Maybe guacamole, depends...

I love eggplant, just never have noticed it in any Mexican/Tex-Mex recipes.

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:hi Show of hands; Who Likes Mexican food?
I like Mexican food, but MIL lives with us and doesn't, so...
I don't like Mexican food--I LOVE Mexican food, and I had been thinking
I love Mexican food
Re: :hi Show of hands; Who Likes Mexican food?
Re: Sounds like fun jea MN, waiting to hear about your report *NM*
OK, I got an early start. Tonight I made taco salad and a Southwestern eggroll.
Re: :lol :thup Nice to see I'm not the only one getting a few
Not any new recipe tonight.
Probably my favorite "ethinic" food, Val! *NM*