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Thanks for the recommendations!

Thanks for the recommendations.

Favorite things at Aldi’s

My MIL and I both enjoy a good bargain, and that’s the main reason we go to Aldi’s. We usually go once a month. It is about 15 miles from us.

Things we like:

fig “Newton” cookies - MIL really likes how much we save on these. DH says they are not as good as Nabisco brand.

canned peaches in light syrup

canned vegetables - about 49 cents for a 14.5 ounce can, their own brand
French cut green beans
Regular cut green beans
diced tomatoes
canned peeled potatoes
We use the French cut green beans and tomatoes to make Vegetable Beef soup.
We use the Regular green beans and the potatoes for Well-done “Southern” green beans - Use 1 can green beans with juice, 1/2 can potatoes with juice (use the other half-can of potatoes in the Vegetable Beef soup), simmer together along with 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil for about 1 hour. We don’t add meat to our beans anymore.

Their own brand sliced almonds
Their own brand of raisins in a large container - MIL likes to add these and the sliced almonds to her cereal in the morning. We go through a lot of raisins and sliced almonds.
Their own brand whole unsalted almonds, for snacking
Cashews, for snacking

Fresh raw chicken tenderloins

Boneless pork loin roast - these are about 3.5 pounds. We cut them in half, use half as a roast (usually in slow cooker) and slice the other half into 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices for fried or country fried pork chops

Boneless, pre-sliced ham - Good flavor, compares favorably with Hormel Cure 81 in our opinion, which we have had trouble finding, or affording when we do find it. Neither of us is good at slicing ham, so the pre-sliced ham is great. I am getting tired of such thin slices, but MIL usually only eats one slice, so I guess we’ll stick with it. We usually bake it 3 or 4 hours at 350 degrees. MIL and DH like their meat well-done.

Butter - price
Cream Cheese - price
Eggs - price, usually half or less than at Walmart

Don’t like their facial tissue - this is MIL’s opinion, I don’t think I ever tried them
Don’t like their Tortilla chips - not as thin and crisp as Tostitos
Have had mixed success with their durable goods. A waffle iron had a latch that broke before the first use. A rain gauge we bought yesterday is not as big or easy to read as it appeared on package.

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Anyone shop at Aldi? What are your favorite things there?
Re: Anyone shop at Aldi? What are your favorite things there?
I just bought the individual larger one of roasted red pepper hummus. Excellent! *NM*
^^^ Um, this was supposed to be in response to one of Val's posts about Aldi. *NM*
Thanks for the recommendations!
Good information--Thanks for the input, Val and Pat. I won't compromise
Re: Anyone shop at Aldi? What are your favorite things there?
Thanks, Nancy K. I liked their yogurt. The cream cheese didn't