Kitchen Roundtable

Our Cinco de Mayo :dinner

is almost ready.

DH helped me make Sirloin Steak Fajitas, Spanish Rice, corn and had Garden Salsa Sun Chips on the side, with Gold Peak Peach Tea to drink.

Time to dig into :dinner ! Catch ya all L8R!~~~

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Our Cinco de Mayo :dinner
Sounds good, Val. You'd think everyone would have made fajitas at one time or another,
:rectnt Val's Steak Fajitas :oed
Thanks, Val, looks easy enough! Guess I always thought the meat had to be marinated,
Re: :rectnt Val's Steak Fajitas
Good point about the raw taste, jea. I made burritos several weeks ago, and
Jill, I never carred for wraps either, because of the texture. I think Karl has a good term for it