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Interesting, never heard of this. But lately I'm discovering I've never heard of many other things, too, such as jackfruit, but that's another story.

I'm happy to see you are up and about and still at your passion--vegan cooking. I hope you are feeling well. I haven't gotten in touch, because I don't know whether it would be a bother or not. You can email me any time, you know!

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:rectnt Migas with Avocado Pico :oed *LINK* *PIC*
Re: :rectnt Migas with Avocado Pico
Jackfruit?! What have you been making with that?
I've never used jackfruit, was just reading about it in some
Re: Get those Spiralizers ready! It's a new recipe I want to try sometime
That just looks pretty good, Val, and it would save
cathyntx, would you share your current recipe for hummus? *NM*
For that matter, please share ANY T&T hummus recipes! I LOVE hummus!
LuAnn--Tips below, recipe above.
Happy to share, Pat. My current one the pineapple/jalapeno, and it's not hot, but you could add
Sorry, guess the recipe came out above instead of below. This is mostly tips! *NM*
Re: That just looks pretty good, Val, and it would save
Me, too, Val. :thup Although with some of the new