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Starting off a new week

My friends from Rochester, MN are coming up for a visit to our new house today. I miss them so much, but text and phone calls can always keep us in touch! Not cooking today but we will be having :dinner at one of the places we are looking into for our 50th anniversary party.

Yesterday was a good day too. We had our DD come over with her boyfriend for lunch. Getting to know him a little better. It is the most serious relationship she has had.........I know because she is bringing him around to meet the family!!! He has helped her with so much around her new home too. Says he is working slow so she will keep him around :lol .

Haven't tried any recipes to share lately, still getting settled, but we have another dinner group coming up on the 19th so might share then.

Hope you all are starting a Great Week.
Jill :thup

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Starting off a new week
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Happy for your daughter, jea! And also for you...