Kitchen Roundtable

It is dinner group time tomorrow

so I will be cooking today. Doing a new (to me) ice cream dessert and some stuffed mushrooms. We have to travel about 90 minutes to get to dinner group now. It should be interesting to see how the dessert holds up. I will stuff the mushrooms here and cook them when we arrive!

The next dinner will be at our new home so I shall try to find items that can be easily transported and finished off when they arrive! Only one of the group has been here yet!

We signed FINAL papers on our old house on Thursday and received the check on Friday and put it right into the bank to help pay for the new house! that is a large "weight off our minds".

I hope I will have a couple of recipes to share after we eat what I am making!!!

Have a great weekend. :thup

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It is dinner group time tomorrow
Sounds fun, jea! Congrats on your new house! *NM*
I just posted the 2 recipes I made
Thank you, jea! The meringues with lemon curd etc. sound so pretty and delicious too!