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Any one have weekend plans?

We don't have any yet. DH has a birthday on Tues. so we will go out for Pizza to celebrate his day and Heather's boyfriend's son's first day of 4th grade! It is a long story, but I will ask you to send good wishes this way so he will make friends and feel he is in a loving home right now.

We will probably spend some time on one of our, get to know the area, drives. I hope DH will peel apples so I can make my first batch of apple sauce. We found a great orchard to visit. I think going during the week will be best. I hear there can be 2 hour waits just to get in to pick out your apples!! I am down to our last container of sauce from last fall. I think I do a pretty good job with the sauce so I do give some away to special friends. Think I will see if our new neighbors might like some!!!

Have a safe holiday.

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Any one have weekend plans?
No plans here. Sounds like you have a plan for yourself, though. Good luck, jea! *NM*
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