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I'm gonna do this with links and explanations instead of posting

the recipe, per se. Reason is, making them right is more than just ingredients, so I'll do my best.

I looked at a lot of recipes and videos until I found one recipe that looked like it might work for me. As I was reading over the list of ingredients, I realized it was almost exactly like my old stand-by cornbread recipe I've used forever, except there was no oil in it, and the salt amount was less. So I used that recipe, and after tasting the first one, I decided to add another tablespoon of sugar to the batter. That suited me, so I finished frying them. Recipe here: She doesn't coat hers with flour, so if you will be doing that, remember to do it before you dunk in the batter. Also, one of the ingredients on the State Fair Corn Dogs box is onion powder, so I may try some in the batter next time, not sure, as these tasted just fine to me.

My method: I cut them in half, stuck a craft stick in them and coated them with flour, tapping off the excess. The flour helps the batter stick well, and I don't think that was mentioned in her recipe. My batter was in a tall glass, so I pushed the dog down enough that the batter would cover the stick at the point it was inserted in the dog. Now here's the hard part to explain--instead of going just straight down and straight back out, it helps to sort of wiggle it back and forth on the way down, then slowly twirl as the dog is being slowly raised back out. The batter is thick, so this movement helps to pull off excess batter and also keep it even all the way around. Then when the dog is out, turn it upright for a second until the tip levels out, then turn it upside down again and put it in the hot oil.

Another thing to mention--the batter should set out for 10-15 minutes before coating the dogs. This gives the cornmeal time to absorb the liquid and get thick. Matter of fact, the batter gets even thicker after coating a number of dogs, so you might want to mix in a few drops of water if it gets too thick.

Now, here's the kicker--I didn't want to just lay them in grease, because I wanted a perfectly shaped and evenly browned dog like the stands sell. They float, so I was afraid they wouldn't work out just lying there. So I filled my tall, skinny, stainless steel asparagus steamer with oil so that I could hold the stick and keep the dog vertically under the oil while it was cooking. This was tedious, standing there holding 16 of the things, one at a time. And I'm sure I'm probably the only person on this board that owns an asparagus steamer, so most of you guys can't do it this way unless you have a tall, skinny frying container. And next time, I'll try a method I saw on YouTube that only has a certain amount of grease in the pan like this video: She coats hers with cornstarch instead of flour, so I don't know about that. But I would knock more off than she did anyway. They just need a light coating. If you just want to watch the frying part of the video, watch between 1:50-2:20 and again between 6:45-8:00.

I didn't let them get tooooo brown, because I was going to be freezing them and reheating later. They will brown a little more in the oven upon reheating.

I guess that's all I can remember to point out. I apologize for all the rhetoric. It would have been easier to understand if I had made a video and actually showed the method, as it's hard to explain with words. Anyway, good luck and have fun. grin

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Annoying to find that cooking info on the bottom, right?!
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I've never tried the Corned Beef Hash. Maybe I'd better skip than one and not add to
I'm gonna do this with links and explanations instead of posting
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Re: I'm gonna do this with links and explanations instead of posting
I think the method in a pan in that second link would work just fine.
Thanks for posting this...
You're welcome, Pat. I hope you take part of an afternoon off to make them sometime.