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Woody breast isn't caused from previously frozen chicken, GG. While you may

enjoy fresh chicken better and have better luck with it, you may just be lucky in that you're not getting chicken with woody breast in the first place. If you're buying local farmers' chickens, you may be getting heritage chickens, smaller and slower growth.

It is caused by breeding chicken with larger breasts and faster growth. They started this program in about 2001 or so, but it's gotten out of hand now, and the general public FINALLY noticed. I've read lots of older posts about people cooking dry or tough breasts and thinking they were overcooking their chicken, so I'm thinking this went on for YEARS before people stopped blaming themselves. It has only been a couple of years that the poultry industry was faced with having to deal with it because of severely declining poultry sales. Thank goodness for the internet where people can gather and spread information!

Matter of fact, the last three years that I cooked turkeys for Christmas were that way. And I haven't cooked one since 2012, so that would push it back to at least 2010 for me. But I quit chicken breasts before that. When I first noticed it, nobody else was complaining. I just thought it might be the brands we were getting around here. But now I know it's actually world-wide.

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:recins French Onion Chicken :oed
Re: :recins French Onion Chicken
That does sound good
Jill, My old French Onion Soup recipe called for beef broth, but of course, *LINK*
The URL didn't show up. I will try it here.
Re: The URL didn't show up. I will try it here.
jea, dry chicken breasts are an industry problem called "woody breast". *LINK*
Thanks Cathy. I never knew about this. I have found that if I buy
The industry has only come forth with this in the last couple of years,
Cathy, now that you mention it, I do remember you
I've been using tenderloins for probably a decade now, due to the low quality
I have been assured by the butcher in Adams that their chicken is not "previously frozen". A lot of
Woody breast isn't caused from previously frozen chicken, GG. While you may
Or a round steak bone with the marrow! :thup *NM*
Re: Or a round steak bone with the marrow! :thup
I haven't seen a bone in round steak in decades! *NM*
It's not how you cook them, jea. If you get a chicken with
Like jea, now that I've seen it, I know DH would go for that.
My Coworker just made this
Glad to hear someone has tried it and enjoyed it. My plan is to make it on Thursday when I am at my
:rectnt French Onion Chicken
Sounds like a winner, GG.
Since you brought it up, it reminded me that I DID add some dry sherry to
A tiny pinch of sugar sometimes brings out flavors. Start with tiny and work up.
Salt also enhances flavor in cooking and baking. *NM*
You said it was missing "something", but I assumed it probably already had salt.
:thup - You DID come up with a remedy! You suggested using
I didn't think you were trying to dismiss anything; I just didn't mention salt because I figured you
We're good then! :clap *NM*
Change to above recipe! Note in the second sentence of the directions...