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I do the same thing. I can't pass up a good sale on meat, especially a good prime rib!

At one point I had 4 in my freezer. I am down to one which is a little too big for even 6 people, so I have to wait to use it when I have 6 or more here. I know my son's family would like it, but when we are there, both my son and DIL get home at such erratic hours, that I really can't plan on the correct time to take it out of the oven. I have 2 turkeys and one turkey breast. One turkey was a free one I got, and at Christmas, my son brought me another free one because his freezer is not big enough for a turkey. (I think they will think twice about getting one with double freezer drawers in the future - they are not big enough for a 12 pound turkey!) The turkey breast was only $4.00 for an 8 lb. breast and who could pass that up? LOL!

I have 2 refrigerators with a freezer in both. I also have a full upright freezer and all are packed right now. (However, three shelves are filled with containers of my Christmas cookies which are partially filled.) MY aim is to get down to one freezer and one refrigerator/freezer and give the other one to my son.

I am also doing the same thing with canned goods or jars (jams, peanut butter, salad dressings, sauces, etc.) and boxes of tea! Because I don't drink coffee, and like iced tea (and drink a few glasses a day - BUT it is only Crystal Light Raspberry Iced tea), I often am gifted with boxes of exotic teas (which I like on occasion, but only once in awhile - I do not drink hot tea often since I drink iced tea with my breakfast.) I have at least 6 boxes of unopened teas and about 12 of opened tea leaves or bags. I will never drink them all.

The days of me having dinner parties for 12 or more people are gone. I no longer have a venue to get rid of a lot of food at one time, so I have to pare down on what I buy. It is a hard habit to break. I clearly understand what you are saying!

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I don't do NY resolutions, but my biggest objective going forward
I do the same thing. I can't pass up a good sale on meat, especially a good prime rib!
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Cutting back!