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Cutting back!

I'm attempting to downsize in Indiana which will take at least 9 more years at the rate I am going.

I am trying to buy what I will eat where I am so I don't leave a fridge freezer full of food that I might have to have someone throw out after a hurricane when the power is out (two times now) and I am trying to use food in Indiana since if I leave anything no one I tell to pick it up and eat it does not and I throw it out four months later. :(

I was dogsitting for awhile first home so I did not want food waiting at home. Now I'm going to visit a friend for at least a week and trying to use what's here or toss some stuff tonight.

It is hard to ignore a good bargain. Indiana grocery has 10/10 which are really great deals on things I use so I have 10 cans of soup, etc.

I'm doing the same thing on clothes shopping (I don't like current styles anyway) and finding "new" things in my closet for either place.

I did not make resolutions the past couple of years. Always the same. Always make me feel guilty when I don't get them done so now I just have objectives of things to accomplish and last summer I felt really good about what I accomplished with downsizing. I have mom's stuff, dad's stuff, my own stuff from move in 89, grandma's stuff, etc. Mom and I were always going to go thru it so I wouldn't have to but you know how that went. I do not want to leave it for someone else to go thru. It's not easy. Sometimes I open a box that overwhelms me with memories and I have to just walk away from it all for awhile. But, I'll get there.

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I don't do NY resolutions, but my biggest objective going forward
I do the same thing. I can't pass up a good sale on meat, especially a good prime rib!
Good to see you :gg *NM*
I had a hint you were gone a lot, since you post so infrequently.
Great to see you, Cathy.
Good to see you, Pat, glad you got your password issues fixed. *NM*
Cutting back!