Kitchen Roundtable

Great to see you, Cathy.

I had popped in a few times over the year and I could read, but I could not answer to anything. Very frustrating.

So, GG had her DH fix my password and now I can read and post.

I'll try to get here more often.

I prefer this to Facebook. I do check Facebook because I have local people who post stuff I need to know and expect all of us to see it for club meetings, etc. I'm not there everyday. I stay away from it as much as I can because it tends to be a black hole of time if I go to check about book club I end up reading stuff on Facebook and not getting things done.

Hope to get some of my favorite recipes copied here to save for future.

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I don't do NY resolutions, but my biggest objective going forward
I do the same thing. I can't pass up a good sale on meat, especially a good prime rib!
Good to see you :gg *NM*
I had a hint you were gone a lot, since you post so infrequently.
Great to see you, Cathy.
Good to see you, Pat, glad you got your password issues fixed. *NM*
Cutting back!