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I saw that the picture posted after I submitted it but I could not see it when writing the post. Good for me to remember.

I went to QVC and went ahead and ordered the six pack. It was not in the format I expected but maybe she bought it when it was the Daily Special or something. I had a choice of a six pack or a four pack and no add ons. I'll let you know how I like the other soups.

It was a little expensive, but better than any packet soups I have bought recently. Salt might be a problem for some. We finished off the soup tonight. Probably got six servings out of it.

I added a LOT more water than it called for. Right off the bat it was way too thick and needed water. The ingredients are dehydrated and become really nice vegetables or rice but they need water to do that. And I think all the extra water I added helped with the salt content. I did not think it was salty. That's what I dislike in most soup mixes I buy. I kept adding water.

Tomorrow I am going to make the Cheesy Potato Soup packet. I'm still visiting. But my friend doesn't want the cheese so I'll made the soup without adding the cheese and put the cheese on top of mine like they do at O'Charley's. Will let you know how it turns out.

I've gotten over buying expensive coffees at Starbucks (I spent a lot of money before I got over it) but the soup is still less than that and like you said easy to have on hand.

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Made the Cheesy Potato Soup
Thanks for the link.