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Made the Cheesy Potato Soup
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It was delicious. I added nothing to the soup pack extra because my friend did not want any cheese.

Added 8 cups of water but would add more next time because the dehydrated potatoes took up a lot of the water. It was very thick soup. It was delicous but we got two big mugs of soup out of it (serving of 2) instead of 6. So, I really should have added more water. I added more water to the first soup but it was broth and not thick at all.

This soup was more salty than the first, again I should have added more water.

I put shredded cheddar on my soup when it was out of pan and in soup mug. Melted immediately. Might add more cheese the next time but if I am cooking somewhere else (where everyone likes cheese) I would probably add it to the soup while cooking. Works either way.

One more to cook. We may get an inch of snow or 100. Either way will make the soup this weekend.

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Here's their link *LINK*
Made the Cheesy Potato Soup
Thanks for the link.