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:rectnt Reindeer Appetizers and Snacks :oed

Reindeer Appetizers and Snacks
Made by our <3 <3 <3 Grand children
for Christmas 2018

5 pieces of Celery
Smooth Peanut Butter
M&M's - green for the eyes and red for the nose
Curly, white Yogurt covered Pretzels with red and green sprinkles for the antlers.

Wash, dry and then cut the celery stalks into 4 pieces.
Spread peanut butter smoothly into each celery piece, clearing away any excess on the sides.
Add 2 green M&M's near the top, standing up into the peanut butter for the eyes and
lay 1 red M&M flat into the peanut butter near the bottom for the reindeers nose
Place 1 curly, white yogurt covered pretzel at the top of the celery, pushing down a bit into
the peanut butter for the antlers.

Display on a nice Christmas platter and enJoy with your Christmas Dinner.

For the Reindeer Snacks, put 2 mini, Strawberry crème filled cookies into mini Christmas liners
on the tray, below the Reindeer Appetizers.

"I Wish" I could Post the picture of it here, but it says it's Too Large.

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:rectnt Reindeer Appetizers and Snacks :oed
Sounds very cute, Val. *NM*
Re: Yes they were, everyone enJoyed them and the Grands had fun making them.
Those were the days...I have great memories of cooking
Re: Those were the days...I have great memories of cooking