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Re: :hi Cathy

It's been awhile, but we have been Really busy here these last few months with preparing for Thanksgiving, our DD Hosted this year and Christmas here with our family and a new :baby1 Grand daughter, our Grand children's music instrumental Concerts and traveling a Lot, a family birthday, my DH surgery and recovery time, PTL for good reports, the company Christmas Party is tonight and then l@@king on to Valentines Day. We are going to get the Christmas décor down Monday and then I will decorate for Valentines Day soon.
We've hardly had Any sn*w this year, which is perfectly fine with me and dogged a big storm lately, so we are Thankful for that too.
How's things in your part of the world?

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Anyone try any new recipes for Christmas? *NM*
No, but I have made a new recipe I found on Facebook several times in the past 2 months.
It IS in the archives. However, I have made changes to it.
Re: It IS in the archives. However, I have made changes to it.
Hi Val, nice to see you. Sorry, I have nothing new. *NM*
Yes. Will get around to posting soon I hope.
Re: :hi Cathy
Same kinds of busy here--surgeries, a new g-grandbaby on the way,