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ISO Butter Cookies

One of my friends gave me a tin of Christmas cookies this year. She had cut out designs and iced them and called them sugar cookies. It is her mother-in-law's recipe and when questioned she said it was not really a Christmas cookie recipe but actually a butter cookie recipe.

So I looked in our archives and I may try to make the butter cookie recipe posted there when I'm back in Florida.

I have made several of the sugar cookie recipes but I don't really think it was a sugar cookie recipe. But, I'll make Jea's recipe because she did roll out the dough and use cutters on it (something I've learned to hate to do because the cutter usually fails and the whole process takes way longer than I planned.

I have also made the recipe GG posted and it is a fatter cookie than what she gave me.

So does anyone have any suggestions? I suspect she was told not to share the recipe when she was given it and I respect that.

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ISO Butter Cookies
I make the Cookie Monster Sugar Cookies usually, but when I don't have time, I sometimes cheat!
When I asked about sugar cookie recipe,
Gonna try the Belgium Butter Cookies G'ma posted in archives. *NM*
i also have a few Butter Cookie recipes of my mother's. They are usually
She rolls the dough out until thin and uses cookie cutters.
I have a plastic Tupperware rolling pin you put ice in somewhere.
Pat, I think the ice cold rolling pin probably helps. I remember