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When I asked about sugar cookie recipe,

she said it was actually a family butter cookie recipe, not sugar cookie. I love your recipe the way I bake it. But, I could try it thinner and see. Her cookie is very rich even though it is quite thin. She made some browner on the bottom which is how she likes them but she said the rest of her family likes them white on the bottom and considers the brown bottom cookies "burnt".

Yes, I used to do the cutouts but I never enjoyed them because it was such a hassle. I have that Tupperware set you speak of. And the brownstone cookies which are beautiful but stick. I just never got it so that they did not stick in the cutter, or they tore getting them off the board and onto the cookie sheet, or they spread out and stuck together or something went wrong. I do really well with other kinds of cookies. And I love my Pampered Chef scoops that I can scoop and drop.

Used to do a lot of cookie exchanges when i was still working to get a variety of cookies for Christmas. People still want and expect cookie tins from me and the last few years I've fallen off that wagon. But after getting my friend's cookies this past year I'm considering trying to cook some next year and give away. Easy to get tins. Not easy to bake a variety of cookies. LOL

I think because she won't give me the recipe I'm more intrigued than if she had given me the recipe which I might have stuck away and not used.

She also made Skillet Cookies which I had never heard of but found yesterday in one of Jane's cookbooks. I don't see how they are easy to make but she swears they are. Jane has a lot of really cool cookbooks and I always read cookbooks while I am visiting here. "The Busy Bees Keepsake Collection" a cancer survivors' cookbook had the Skillet Cookies. I also found some great recipes in Cherokee Village which is a retirement community in the Ozarks where her aunt and uncle lived. They have passed now but the cookbook is very interesting. A lot of Indiana people settled there as they gave their name and the city they were from. No butter cookie recipe in there either.

I haven't been home long enough to look in my cookbooks and I bet I won't get around to it next week either.

If not for the mystery I would not make or look for recipe now in January. I could make Valentine Cookies for the February carry-in but I've been taking a crockpot meatball recipe. I made it three years ago in January and I don't even like meatballs but it's become a favorite with the people and if I don't take it they are dissappointed. If any are left over (rarely) Linda and her husband take them and eat them since I don't like them. I wasn't there in January so no meatballs. If I take Valentine Cookies instead it won't be well received. I usually take a veggie and the meatballs as we are always short on veggies.

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ISO Butter Cookies
I make the Cookie Monster Sugar Cookies usually, but when I don't have time, I sometimes cheat!
When I asked about sugar cookie recipe,
Gonna try the Belgium Butter Cookies G'ma posted in archives. *NM*
i also have a few Butter Cookie recipes of my mother's. They are usually
She rolls the dough out until thin and uses cookie cutters.
I have a plastic Tupperware rolling pin you put ice in somewhere.
Pat, I think the ice cold rolling pin probably helps. I remember