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Pat, I think the ice cold rolling pin probably helps. I remember

seeing them in the very old days when I went to Tupperware parties. I have not tried one, but pretty sure it would make a difference.

I have a recipe for kolachi cookies (my Mom's recipe) that I haven't made in years because it is so hard to roll out the dough without it sticking and coming apart once you try to roll up the cookies. All of my sisters (5 of us) make these cookies, and we have all complained that we can't do them "like Mom did".

However, one of my sisters recently redid her counter tops with granite and said since she did that, she has not had trouble rolling the dough because it is cool. I bought a marble slab to roll the dough, but I found it is not big enough (12" square) to really roll out the dough. I guess when I am ready to redo my kitchen counters, I need to go with granite, marble, or silestone. I think it will make a big difference.

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ISO Butter Cookies
I make the Cookie Monster Sugar Cookies usually, but when I don't have time, I sometimes cheat!
When I asked about sugar cookie recipe,
Gonna try the Belgium Butter Cookies G'ma posted in archives. *NM*
i also have a few Butter Cookie recipes of my mother's. They are usually
She rolls the dough out until thin and uses cookie cutters.
I have a plastic Tupperware rolling pin you put ice in somewhere.
Pat, I think the ice cold rolling pin probably helps. I remember