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But I'm going to quit posting doll clothes I have made on Facebook. My new hobby. But some people are acting like I've gone over the deep end or am back to playing with dolls which I find offensive. So I may post pics here or private message them via phone but I had two people here in Florida ask me why I am making doll clothes like it was a crime this week and it ticked me off.

I'm currently just having fun sewing and being creative. I don't have deadlines and I just make them when I have time or if the weather is bad. But eventually I might have a doll clothes booth at a craft fair. I'm not set up or ready to sell them yet. I told one friend not long ago that at the rate I'm going I might have complete outfits by the time I'm 90. LOL

I have made two pair of shoes that don't have outfits that go with them. One sweater is complete but has no pants. I cut out several sweaters before Christmas when I entered the Festive Sweater Contest for 18 inch dolls. But I only completed the one I entered. Then I went home for the holidays so I have those stored away here to get back out and finish.

Currently I'm finishing up some of the Wilma Flintstone or Tinkerbell (whichever) dresses that I posted recently which set off the fuss.

But I want to make a couple of princess dresses soon (or later or whatever).

I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm still digitizing and selling my old lesson plans. And still writing my weekly column in the hometown paper once a week. So I'm definately not bored.

Currently I'm thrilled that I don't seem to be getting pnemonia AGAIN but knock on wood. I get it three or four times a year and tests have not shown why. I'm ready to start a vitamin regiment that an 80 year old here uses. HE is in super health and better shape than most 50 year olds so it won't hurt to try it.

Good to see/hear from you. If you have been posting on Facebook I haven't seen your posts. Several of my friends have disappeared.

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Skillet Cookies
i have made something similar but they were not called Skillet Cookies.
These were balls. She made the balls in the skillet while the dough was hot.
Re: These were balls. She made the balls in the skillet while the dough was hot.
I've made a very similar recipe, years ago...
Buy some jump drives and get all of it on jump drives.
That sounds like a good idea, Pat. Better safe than sorry!
Pat, it sounds like you're keeping very busy
I think it's awesome that you make
Well said NancyO
Re: Well said NancyO
That is what I learned too. Guess we are old fashion now, or just OLD? *NM*
I don't think kindness ever gets old, does it?
I'm sorry you were subjected to that! Some people can say the ugliest, meanest things on