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No hurry, but if you find it, the specs should be interesting.

Per my experience, it's all about the condition of the snow. Dry snow works better (but it also dissolves more quickly, so you have to hold back on the milk at first. Wet snow is more crunchy and not quite as pleasing.

Just fill up a one-person-sized bowl with dry snow, add some milk, sugar and vanilla and stir gently to combine, not adding too much milk so that the snow melts, and taste. Add more *whatever* if needed. I always just eye-balled it. I think it just takes some practice.

With acid rain and such these days, I'm not sure it's a great idea now, but it's created some great memories!

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:rectnt Southern Black-Eyed Peas :oed
How do you serve them, with what?
:ohyeah yum Cathyntx!
Ha, I should have read your response first, Nancyo! *NM*
Last night, I made them to go with meatloaf. Usually
Thank you. I made these once when I lived in the South for a year. There was a call-in radio show
I got off the track a bit! :lol I meant to say that that is how I got a recipe for Black-Eyed Peas
Hope you like it, GG, we do. *NM*
We call it snow ice cream here.
Well, I have NOW! But it took a Southerner to enlighten me. On the other hand, when I was a kid,
We caught it falling, too, but it's a lot better
I'll have to try to find that notebook to see if I can find the recipe! *NM*
No hurry, but if you find it, the specs should be interesting.