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Here's some chit-chat in response to your questions, Jill... *PIC*

Here are my answers:
I usually look up definitions on the internet these days - either on my phone or the computer. I used to use a dictionary frequently; but, seldom do now.

Regarding a sub for Burgandy -- I have NO idea; however, Google probably knows! :)

No memory of Rippin Good cookie commercials.

I usually use a MUG rather than a cup. My mugs are LARGE. They hold 2 cups! BTW, what silly person came up with 6 ounces cups? Don't all good cooks know there are EIGHT fluid ounces in a cup? That being said, my rice cooker measures "cups" which actually hold about 2/3 of regular (8 ounce) measuring cup.

I like the cozy feel of warming cold hands by wrapping them around a steaming mug of hot drink. After my surgery last year, a friend brought me a small gift bag which contained a special "handwarmer" mug. It's one of my favorites!

Hmm, favorite meal for surprise company? I don't usually have people pop in unannounced; but a standby when a quick, well-received meal is required are Haystacks - kind of a layered taco salad. People construct them in different ways; but, an example would be layering: tortilla or corn chips, (rice), shredded lettuce, hot chili beans, shredded cheese (in my case, non-dairy or a homemade non-dairy "cheesy" sauce), chopped onions, sour cream (again non dairy). You can also add other things such as diced tomatoes, sliced olives, guacamole, salsa -- whatever you have on hand and like!

I prefer to have meals planned ahead - at least a general idea of upcoming menus - as it allows me to shop less often and still have needed ingredients available. Quite often, my menus are planned around whatever I may have in the refrigerator which needs to be used, in the freezer or what I have stocked up on and have shelved in my "food room" (pantry).

I hope you had a fun day with your sister, Jill. I have had lots of family around for the past several months (since Christmas) as Kristina and her children have been living with us while Robb remained back at his job in Alabama. They discovered that the home in which they were living had high spore counts of toxic mold and Kristina and the children were developing various symptoms due to the mold. So, until that situation is resolved, they are staying with us. March 9 is a bitter sweet day. It was my mother's birthday. Hard to believe she passed away 26 years ago!

Walter and I and two of our daughters are leaving on a trip to California and Oregon early Sunday morning. My youngest brother's health has not been good and one of our main reasons for going is to visit him while he can still appreciate our company. One daughter has medical appointments in San Francisco also. So -- not all pleasure; but some mixed in. Last two days will be spent at Disneyland and shopping at one of the big malls in the LA area. Most exciting thing for me is that I get to visit someone who has become a dear friend after meeting her on the internet 10 years ago (on the fitness website where I was the recipe editor/moderator for several years). She has yet to come to my home; but, I entertained her son and his fiance in MY home last Sunday.

I too like to stop by and see posts from friends, recipes etc. I haven't had many recipes to share. In addition to cooking plant-based (vegan) virtually 99% of the time, my little granddaughter has Type 1 diabetes and eats a very low-carb diet. She and her brother also eat as close to gluten free as practically possible. He also has various food allergies and must several other things or be plagued with headaches and/or stomachaches. Poor little guy! I used to think cooking "vegan" was a challenge; but, it has become even more challenging to plan and prepare meals which meet all of these additional dietary restrictions! Any one want a cookie recipe which is not only vegan, but also sugar free, gluten-free etc.?! LOL Yup, that's the way I'm cooking these days. Not nearly as much being a Grandma when I can't fill the cookie jar with yummy cookies! Treats at my house are more likely to be a box of kumquats or grape tomatoes, a can of olives...

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Here's some chit-chat in response to your questions, Jill... *PIC*
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