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I appreciate the offer but we don't eat many casseroles as they are not very kidney friendly. It is a rare treat to have casseroles.
I try to stay with fresh food. No canned products if I can help it. Just way too much added sodium. I have only found 2 jarred pasta sauces that are exceptable and one of those is from Trader Joe's. Other people think it is too bland for them but we've gotten used to it. I even buy special boneless skinless chicken breast that doesn't add saline in its process. It is a very difficult balance and try to do my best. No processed foods allowed and was told veggies must be fresh or frozen, nothing canned. Have had DH on this plan for several years now. We need to get back to eating at home for more meals and not go out so much. Potlucks are the worst but our community has a lot of socializing with potluck meals being the center of the socials.

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I don't know anything about kidney friendly diets,
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Kidney friendly meals?
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We all should eat that way, kidney problem or not.