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Other favorites - these in the archives...

(My) Aunt Audrey's Spinach Casserole:;id=60864

Chalupas de Espinacas (Spinach Chalupas):;id=83134

Both these were potluck and family favorites in my dairy days! I also really like the Spinach Dip recipe that PatM shared below! And so many more...

Cathy, do I have your spinach and strawberry salad recipe?

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:rectnt LuAnn's Tortellini Soup with Prosage and Spinach (Score: 5+) :oed
A little late for National Spinach Day; but, here's one of our favorites ^^^ *NM*
Other favorites - these in the archives...
Good to see you, LuAnn!
Thank you! I see it's up top now...I'll go copy and save it! *NM*