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Once we had a Woodpecker chizzling out a really nice size home in the back yard tree, it was aMAZing to see all the wood chips he got out of there, but after all the hard work, a differant bird took over the home and had babies. We were able to see them grow, stick their heads out for the mother to feed them, take :val and eventually take their first flying lessons. :bbird

Currently we Love to be on our backyard patio watching the birds enjoy the birdbath and feeder and the squirrels playing and eating on the tractor that is attached to the tree. We also have a nice size yellow iron bird stake there that has different levels for the squirrels to sit on and get the corn we have attached to it. We have Robins, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Morning Doves and Finches.

I've enjoyed teaching and making birdseed wreaths with our Grandchildren to share with friends and their families. I got them a Bird book that has the sounds of each one to be able to identify what is out there if we can't see them. I enjoy it as much as they do!! (and find myself reaching for it when I hear something unique)

Today I peeked out of a small section of the patio door blinds to see a Bright Red Cardinal on our patio table l@@king straight at me, then he hopped up on the white railing around our deck and just stood there l@@king at me. I Wish I had the :val on video, but have Lots of others to enJoy.

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Our patio robins fledged this morning :thup *NM*
:clap awesome *NM*
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A wildlife park you have there, Val! *NM*
Re: Our patio robins fledged this morning :thup
Spring--new beginnings! *NM*