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I have my original stainless steel pots and pans that I purchased

before I was married for my hope chest (do girls have hope chests anymore?). They are in great shape with just a couple of broken handles, but I use them anyway. I had a couple of newer fry pans and a jelly roll pan that I finally threw in the garbage a couple of weeks ago. The fry pan was "non-stick" and was peeling and the jelly roll pan was one I used when I had something sticky or messy to put in the oven. I kind of used it as a drip pan and after awhile some of the drips wouldn't come off. That was okay because I usually covered it with foil. But the bottom was starting to get holes in it from rusting out, so it bit the dust. I have my old electric frying pan as well but rarely use it. I also have a General Electric Griddle that my Dad won at the Jersey shore when I was about 12, so it is about 60 years old. It still works well, the coating has never peeled off like the new ones today and the cord has never frayed or anything like that. My son is on his 3nd griddle because his first two just stopped working. I will keep my 60 year old griddle, thank you.

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I have my original stainless steel pots and pans that I purchased
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