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Good plan

I think you'll be happy with it. Had never heard of so googled. I might even consider the travel model as counter space is about gone. Have been happy with pitcher Brita, but yours handles water that would be on a boil notice which we get several times a year.

On another note, 7 radiation treatments and 2 chemos done now. Thankfully have no side effects and on a happy note, I have been able to eat without pain for the last 5 days, so maybe weight loss will stop. The downside is the 5 day a week drive to Round Rock, it's about 60 miles one way and the last half is brutal traffic, this goes on til Sept 3 so there goes summer. They want to do surgery in October, but I really don't want it at my age. More as it comes. Thanks for caring.

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OT: Berkey water filter systems--anyone have one or know someone who does?
Well, I bought one. I'm pretty sure their claims are wildly
I hope it works out for you. :smile *NM*
:thanks Pat *NM*
Good plan
My daughter and her husband who are very health-conscious have had and use a Berkey water
It's a nice system, but I wouldn't trust it on questionable